The Face of Bee Love

I’m Braelyn, a mom of four. After years of self-neglect on behalf of my beautiful children, I began to incorporate daily self-care into my routine and the results have blown me away.  I felt compelled to create my own nature-based products to fulfill my deep desire for the most luxurious, effective and safe body care.

I hold such a genuine reverence for the plant allies I work with and am humbled by how much they teach me every day. I created Bee Love Herbals from the heart, out of my home in Craftsbury, Vermont.  All of my ingredients are grown by me, ethically harvested or sourced from local apiaries and conscious suppliers. I offer only the most nourishing and healing products.

My wish is for Bee Love Herbals to assist you in living to your highest potential. To feel loved and empowered to be the best you that you could ever imagine. I’m so glad you’re here.